Why Georgia Farmers Should Grow Olives

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Kevin Shaw with Georgia Olive Farms in Lakeland, Georgia; talks about the development of the olive oil industry in in the state, and gives some reasons to why more Georgia farmers should look into growing them on their farms.

Hi. I'm Kevin Shaw with Georgia Olive Farms. We, in Georgia, saw a need for the development of the olive oil industry in Georgia because we wanted to offer a fresher product. Georgia has an incredibly suitable environment for growing olives, including the temperature, the soil, water requirements that the olive trees need. It's a thought that olive trees grow in arid regions and that is true, but, with the right treatment, they can successfully be grown in Georgia.

We at Georgia Olive Farms also offer turnkey installation of olive orchards. We can offer management decisions, as well, which would help you make sure you don't make the mistakes that we have made in the process of learning this business.

There is no doubt in my mind that Georgia is probably strategically located in as... It couldn't be located in a better place than it is to grow the olive business. We're pretty much in‑between Miami and New York and these are two of the largest growing olive oil consumers in the world.

One of the major reasons for growing olives in the southeast is the fact that we can offer a much fresher product. Our carbon footprint is pretty much reduced to nothing as opposed to the freight in from Italy or from Europe as a whole, or even from California. Actually, the carbon footprint from Europe is less than the carbon footprint from California, to get to the east coast.

We would be able to offer a really fresh product that is sustainably grown and would offer just as good a quality product as possibly could be offered. We would love to try to help you, and if you need some help in installation we can. Visit us at georgiaolivefarms.com and if we can help you in any way we'd be glad to.