Tourism and Agriculture Come Together With New Georgia Agritourism Association

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Mary Pat Jones with the Georgia Agritourism Association shares some information on the newly created organization linking Georgia's top two industries: Agriculture and Tourism, and how it can benefit you.

My name is Mary Pat Jones. I am with the Georgia Agritourism Association. It is a brand new state organization designed to promote the top two industries that have married together, agriculture and tourism, into agritourism. Our biggest goal is to promote laws that are favorable for agritourism, to provide liability insurance that's reasonable for the farmers. The main thing is to keep farms with the family, with the heritage. Many of our farmers are struggling, as we all know, so they can bring new activities of education or entertainment, bringing people to the farm land.

It's a way for them to make money. It's a way for Georgia to get that income there in the tax space. So we are promoting that. 

We invite anyone to come and join us that has an interest in that. Our biggest push is for laws for just promotion of agritourism, for networking, for resources, anything the agritourism operator might need.

If you are a new person, maybe you're on a farm and you've been thinking about this, we are going to be developing a startup package to see if that would be something that you would want to move into to help you with the farm activity and income.

Really we just want to be information for whatever the agritourism operator or potential operator would want.

My name is Mary Pat Jones. You can contact me at an email. It's or you can call me at (706) 647‑6374 and I'll be happy to answer any questions. Thank you.