Governor Deal Not Seeking Changes To Immigration Law

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Gov. Nathan Deal on Tuesday said he was not seeking changes to Georgia's new anti-illegal immigration law despite its unintended consequences, including migrant farm worker shortages.

The Republican governor, who signed the law in May, pointed out that parts of the law have only been in effect for months. He indicated he wanted to spend more time assessing how it is working.

"I am just one of those who need to be cautious about going in and tinkering until you know the full effect of what you did the first time around," Deal said in an interview with The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

At the same time, Deal said the federal government should reform its seasonal guest worker program. Some Georgia farmers have complained the H-2A program, which allows noncitizens to work here temporarily, is too costly and full of red tape.

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